Expeditions in Etiquette

For Colleges & Universities

Expeditions in Etiquette offers leadership development and business etiquette programs especially designed for universities.

Both staff and student programs are available, covering topics such as:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Dining Conversation
  • Networking Strategy for College Graduates
  • Powerful First Impressions
  • Digital and Cell Phone Courtesy
  • Social Media Courtesy
  • Job Interview Attire – Appropriate Choices
  • Job Interview Tips for Graduates
  • Internship Etiquette

Carey Sue has presented programs at such schools as The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, The University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University and more. Call 405-721-1467 or email CareySue@ExpeditionsInEtiquette.com to arrange for a custom-designed etiquette training at your school.

Carey Sue offers two different workshops for participants who are heading off to college for the first time, or who are transitioning from college to the real world.  To learn more about those programs, please visit these links:

Kind Words

“All the times that you spoke to our MBA students, I know their common first reaction was “what am I going to learn about etiquette that I don’t already know?” Surprise. Every time and pretty much every one walked away practicing their newly learned skills. Throughout the semester they frequently referred to what they had learned. Just like the workers at the Four Seasons, they interacted and treated each other more as ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for adding some class to my class.”
– Robert Epstein

“Carey Sue is one of the best-received and popular presenters in Life After OU-A Survival Guide, a spring semester class for graduating seniors at the University of Oklahoma. She teaches segments on not only dining and social etiquette but also business etiquette. She has been a regular in the course since 2009. She is knowledgeable, practical, entertaining and persuasive keeping the attention and interest of 150, no mean feat.”
– Peter G. Pierce, Instructor, University of Oklahoma.