Expeditions in Etiquette

Kind Words

“I attended Carey Sue’s Business Etiquette luncheon thinking it would be a social opportunity for me to connect with colleagues who were also attending.  I felt I knew my etiquette so might as well go and catch up with friends.  I was blown away!  I learned so much and had so much fun.  Like my colleagues who attended with me found, there are things Carey Sue will teach you that you will never forget – and how you remember them will make you smile.”
– Gene Hopper, Hopper and Associates

“All the times that you spoke to our MBA students, I know their common first reaction was “what am I going to learn about etiquette that I don’t already know?” Surprise. Every time and pretty much every one walked away practicing their newly learned skills. Throughout the semester they frequently referred to what they had learned. Just like the workers at the Four Seasons, they interacted and treated each other more as ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for adding some class to my class.”
– Robert Epstein

“Carey Sue is one of the best-received and popular presenters in Life After OU-A Survival Guide, a spring semester class for graduating seniors at the University of Oklahoma. She teaches segments on not only dining and social etiquette but also business etiquette. She has been a regular in the course for six years (since 2009) and I hope for many more. She is knowledgeable, practical, entertaining and persuasive keeping the attention and interest of 150, no mean feat.”
– Peter G. Pierce, Instructor, University of Oklahoma.