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The ‘what‘ and ‘why‘ behind Expeditions In Etiquette

Teaching Manners and Etiquette, Professional, Social and Soft Skills, with a fresh, fun, exciting, entertaining, and modern approach. Preparing Students for the Professional and Social Seas of life. We include games and dancing in our curriculum to aid in the positive impact of teaching these important life skills. Expeditions in Etiquette has been created to help students cultivate the social skills they need to prepare for the storms that life throws their way. By learning these skills in a safe harbor, we’re helping parents to equip their children for smooth sailing of the professional and social seas of life. Expeditions in Etiquette is centered around three basic principles:

Captain = God

We glorify God with our words, actions and deeds; offering hospitality and respect to our friends, family and colleagues.

Compass = Etiquette

The Rules of Etiquette are a great tool to guide you on life’s journey. They act as a compass to keep you on the right path when the social seas of life get rough.

Anchor = Manners

Knowing when to drop anchor, knowing how and when to apply the rules of etiquette is your ticket to self-confidence.