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Adult Ambassadors
(just a few of our biggest advocates)

Adult Ambassadors are vital to the success of Expeditions in Etiquette as they help to share their experiences about the many benefits of our programs.

Adult Ambassadors are happy to answer any general questions you may have, and you are always welcome to call or email Carey Sue Vega directly 405-721-1467 or email

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Honorary Ambassadors

Suzanne E. Pointer (First Mate, Mannerly Mentor, and Trailblazer)
Nancy Payne Ellis        Leslie and Clifford Hudson        Jean S. Lehr        
Steven P. Metheny        Donna Nigh
Dr. Mike Vincent        Meredith Meacham Wilson


Adult Ambassadors

Megan and Steve Allen
Catherine and John Armitage
Shawnna and Michael Berryman
Stephanie and Geoffrey Bice
Sherry and Ken Boyer
Lillie-Beth Brinkman
Kimberly and William Brinner
Audra and Duane Brown
Ann and Alex Cameron
Holly and Mark Carlin
Jill and Marcus Castilla
Julie and Aaron Cates
Karen Corrigan
Ann and Eric Costello
Laurel and Joseph Darrow
Janet and Geron Daugherty
Sheryl and Brian Dolan
Ann-Clore and Walt Duncan
Ashley and Richard Duncan
Elizabeth Dyer
Kat and Dan Eppler
Janell and Craig Ferguson
Deborah and Patrick Gavula
LaDonna and Phillip Giachino
Irene and Peter Gianos
Kathy and Mike Gold
Jill and Trey Greene
Vonne Hanke
Carol and Robert Hefner
Stephanie and Jim Heiden
Reesa and Michael Hembree
Tamara and Jeff Hermen
Rebecca and Thomas Hill
Shannon and David Hill
Meg and Frank Ille
Kay and Brad Kincaid
Terra and Wayne Kirby
Lisa and David Korber
Deborah and Glyndon Kuykendall
Amy and Eric Loper
Rockie and Gregory Massay
Elizabeth and John Mathena
Kim and Gregory May
Anna and Eric McMurray
Desiree and Russ Meacham
Kim and Stephen Morey
Andi and Todd Neaves
Amy and Ted Newton
Joey and Donny Niebrugge
Cheryl and Don Noble
Deanna and Armond Oliphant
Aimee Dial Parrish
Denise and John Parsons
Lori and Bond Payne
Kelly and Paul Pearson
Karlin and Brett Propes
Becky and Alan Roten
Georgia and Mike Scherlag
Shannon and Todd Schultheis
Leslie and Drew Schwartz
Dana and Keith Schwarz
Deborah and Scott Senner
Deborah and Craig Smith
Ann and William Sorrels
Melanie C. Stinnett and Raymond Esquibel
Julie and Derrick Teague
Whitney and Dan Tero
Robin and Steve Thompson
Riz and Stephen White
Melinda and Garland Wilkinson
Jan and Greg Yakish