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Q & A from Parent Party

Here are the videos that answer the most common questions!  Please do not hesitate to call or email if you need clarification or want to talk further – I’m happy to visit with you!

Cell:  405-520-3527

Video Q&A #1:
“Why should my child participate for more than one season?”

Click here to register for the 5-8th grade program.


Video Q&A #2:
“How does the High School program differ from the 5-8th grade programs?”

Click here to register for the Passport/High school program.


Video Q&A #3:
“How does that Interview Intensive work?”

Click here to register for the Interview Intensive (10-12th grades).


Video Q&A #4:
“How does the Student Ambassador program work and how does one apply?”

Click here for Student Ambassador application.