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Chaperone Opportunities

5th-8th Grades

When chaperoning, both parents are encouraged to participate. Through chaperoning, you will have an opportunity to see your child in action! We realize that a conflict may arise with your assigned date; if so, please email us as soon as possible to let us know so we can plan accordingly. Chaperones will receive a reminder email prior to the assigned class.

During Regular Classes:  We need chaperones to help our classes function smoothly – everything from assisting with the nametag table, manning the refreshment table, and more.  Chaperoning is a great way to see your child in action!

End of the year Formal Dinner and Ball Event Chaperones:  As a chaperone at this event, you will be seated at a table with students for the tutorial dinner (you will not be placed at a table with your child). You will play an important and hands-on, active role, at the table, making sure the kids are behaving and their polite conversation is flowing.

Please click on the appropriate button below to find Chaperone opportunities for your child's group:

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