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Kind Words


“You have been a pleasure to work with over the past month.  Thank you for helping the bank brush up on our Customer Service Skills.  I am looking forward to working with you more in the future.” – Kim

“Thank you so much for your contribution to College 101!  Your presentation was fun and packed with information that I will use for the rest of my life.  Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate it.” – Katie

“I am so glad you were able to present at College 101.  Your presentation has always been my favorite and I know it was many of this year’s students' favorite too.  You do an excellent job relating to our students and making sure they have a good time!” – Chelsea 

“I want to thank you for eight years of support, fun times, and having role models to look up to.  You all gave me opportunities I couldn’t have found anywhere else.  Your program isn’t about learning to dance, or setting a table, or getting people to sign saying you shook their hand.  It’s about learning to be comfortable enough in social situations that it’s more than just pretense.  You all teach that so well.  So thank you, thank you so much.  Love, Sarah”

“Carey Sue – Thought you might be interested to know that my son (now a college junior) was unexpectedly invited to lunch with the University President last Friday.  (He has been working as an intern in the administration office this past summer).  Good thing he had those lessons to fall back on!  They never know when that knowledge will come in handy!”  – Denise

“This summer, I had the opportunity to travel as a US Ambassador to Canada.  I went with a group from several other countries.  During orientation, we participated in a “state” style formal dinner.  It was 7 courses, during which we were taught the etiquette of foreign countries and how to address dignitaries from other countries.  Most of the ambassadors at my table were very confused as to what silverware to use when, why we had so many glasses on our table, why we were served sorbet between courses, and what a finger bowl was.  I felt so prepared; I was able to help the other ambassadors, all between the ages of 17 and 21, and also help a couple of our adult escorts.”  – Jake

“I promised you a report on our grandson’s first class. It was an amazing first time experience for him!  He was extremely nervous, but as you said, after the first 30 minutes he settled right in.  He has never danced a step in his life and said he was horrible, but he is ready to learn.  He went to school the next day so excited and started telling all his friends they need to join and that it was a blast.  His mom was in shock.  He shares very little with his mom or anyone else, but he could not quit talking about your class today. If he told me once today about how cool the class was for him, he told me many times. Of course, I was thrilled and after talking to you I was confident he would do well. You were so right!  He has already asked if he could go again next year too. Hats off to you and your husband!”  – Many thanks, Pat

“Carey Sue, you have no idea how much your program means to our son. The interaction with other youngsters and the lessons in social behavior has helped him to bloom into a very confidant young man. Earlier this winter, he was selected to be part of OU’s Model United Nations as the delegate from Spain. His social studies teacher was so proud of his poise and courtesy on the floor of the Model UN that he called me to tell me that he had never had a male student so prepared and relaxed during a debate. He credits your program for giving him that self-assurance.

Thanks again for all that you and Ricardo do for these children. You really are preparing them for successful adulthood.”– Best regards, Melanie


“Last night at dinner, my daughter told me that all of her classes she took with you were coming in handy.


When we were applying to the school in our new town, my daughter had to do a virrtual interview with the admissions director. When it was over, I made her get out the personalized note cards that you gave her and write him a thank you note. I think she thought I was crazy. I explained that even back in the days when I was managing retail stores, it was so rare to receive a thank you note after an interview, that I still remember the TWO people who wrote them. I told them in this day and age, she would definitely stand out. She got into the school (even though there was a wait list).


When we arrived in our new town, we tried a new dance studio out. After her trial class, she received a note in the mail from the studio owner. She loved it. It made her feel so special. It definitely made her want to join that studio.  


I was so happy because it was one of those parenting moments where a perfect example comes along to prove what you’ve been teaching. I reminded her about the notes they wrote to the admissions director.


So, thank you for all of the lessons you taught her! Having the note cards on hand was very helpful & I think she really learned a lot from it.


I’m so glad she had the opportunity to participate in your program.” – Thank you, Proud Mom ….names withheld for fear of embarrassing the teenager in the story 🙂

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