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Etiquette for Athletes

One player’s conduct can affect the entire team. In fact, it can affect an entire school, university, or professional sports organization. Be sure your athletes are leaving positive impressions in all of their interactions – whether in the game or in the spotlight.

Expeditions in Etiquette is pleased to offer Etiquette for Athletes in Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Cheerleading, and more.

With broad exposure to the sports industry through her uncle, Carey Sue has not only been exposed to the professional side of sports from a legendary Sports Information Directors' perspective, but she also worked hands-on as a football trainer providing care and prevention of injuries to the team.  

Carey Sue knows how to train athletes in proper conduct and how to communicate with high-powered and well-known public figures in the sports world.

Etiquette for Athletes training provides etiquette skills for athletes to feel self-assured in any situation.

Topics include Dining Etiquette, Professional Dress, Sportsmanship, Social Skills, Media and Public Speaking, and Common Courtesies.

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