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Frequently Asked Questions


Before classes begin, parents will be given the opportunity to sign up to chaperone a specific class or event.  We will notify you via email when chaperone sign up is available.  Chaperones will be assigned to attend a specific class to assist with the class details.  When chaperoning, both parents are encouraged to participate. Through chaperoning, you will have an opportunity to see your child in action!  We realize that a conflict may arise with your assigned date; if so, please email us as soon as possible so that we may plan accordingly.  Chaperones will receive a reminder email prior to the assigned class covering the time to arrive and responsibilities associated with their specific class.  In the reminder email, we will also include a list of the other assigned chaperones who will be helping with the same class. The responsibilities of a chaperone include assisting the students with their nametags, participating in a receiving line at the end of class, serving refreshments, and assisting with class assignments and contests.


Attendance is very important.  We want your child to be comfortable and have the opportunity to grow as much as possible during the year.  Please make an effort to have him/her attend all classes.  If a conflict does arise during a particular month, please contact us: we may have other classes at other locations available to your child as an alternative to missing an entire class.

Weather Policy:

As we all know too well, Oklahoma’s weather can be somewhat unpredictable.  If we have a situation where we need to reschedule classes due to inclement weather, we will send an email with details.  We will also post the information on my blog at  If you have any question whatsoever before heading out in unfavorable weather, please check for an email message, or check the blog for details.

Extremely Shy Child and/or One Having Second Thoughts?:

Our Programs are the perfect venue for the shy child to gain confidence in a safe, non-threatening social environment.  All classes are structured so that each student is given specific instruction on what to do each step of the way.  Students do not roam unattended at any point during the classes, nor are they asking for dance partners (thus leaving anyone to be the “last one chosen.”)  In each and every class, we practice shaking hands with adults and peers and looking people in the eye while speaking.  One of the biggest rewards for me, as a teacher, is to see a “shy” child evolve into a socially confident young adult.  It happens every year!


Please email a picture of your child to help us with name/face recognition. Why?  Plain and simple – it gives us a cheat-sheet for learning the kids’ faces and names.  I like to add a digital photo of each child to his or her registration information so that we can review names and faces before classes.  Please email a digital picture, with the word ‘Picture’ in the reference line and be sure to include his or her name, program location, and level. Click Here to Email Directly

We look forward to the season and encourage you to call, 721-1467, or Click Here to Email Directly if you have any questions.

Preparing for the Season Checklist:

We’ve created this list to assist you in preparing your child for his or her first class and the season.

Click here to view the Parent Checklist