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Business Training


Today’s business professionals find themselves in situations where they must interact with clients and peers at networking events, conferences, board meetings, parties, and around the office.

The unwritten rules of how to act and communicate can help you land new clients and develop trust. These secret rules of etiquette can impress your colleagues, clients, and managers, leading to greater success in your business and personal life.

Carey Sue Vega can provide training on topics like how to make a first impression, personal conduct, business meeting etiquette, cell phone and digital communication manners, soft skills, social confidence, and many other topics.

Carey Sue provides in-house seminars, lunch seminars, public speaking services, and customized training for businesses, professional organizations, colleges and universities, and professional and college athletic programs.

Please call 405-520-3527 or email to discuss a customized training program for you, or your team, in business etiquette and professionalism.

Executive Success Sessions


The Executive Success Sessions consists of two lunch workshops and a reception-style event where participants learn how to achieve the Executive Presence needed to make critically important strides on the fast track to the next stage of their professional career.

Strategy of the Business Meal


A modern and fresh approach to the standard ‘mealtime manners’ presentation. Participants will engage in a hands-on dining tutorial where they will learn the Strategy of the Business Meal behind hosting and being a guest at a lunch, dinner, coffee meeting, fundraising or networking event.  Carey Sue will also share stories about her dinner with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, giving participants tips to be prepared for dining with anyone!

In-House Seminars


Business etiquette is vital to your employees’ professional images. Proper etiquette in today’s business world could mean more business for your company and greater self-assurance for your workers.

College & University Programs


The College and University Programs are geared for young adults who are preparing for their next steps into ‘the real world’ and need some business-related professional tools in their tool belt to help them tackle their new careers with confidence.

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Professional Dress


A fun and fresh approach to the standard ‘professional dress for success’ presentation.  Participants will leave with easy and relatable tips to help guide them as they build their professional wardrobe and make appropriate clothing choices which will enable them to be successful and take advantage of the important steps on the fast track to the next stage of their professional career.

Etiquette for Athletes


One player’s conduct can affect the entire team. In fact, it can affect an entire school, university, or professional sports organization. Be sure your athletes are leaving positive impressions in all of their interactions – whether in the game or in the spotlight.

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