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Interview Intensive

The Interview Intensive is a fabulous program that helps to prepare 10-12th grade students for the stressful interview process that is fast approaching.  Whether it be for a scholarship, college, or a job; we help to prepare the students so that when they’re placed in a high-stakes interview, they will have real-life experience to draw from, feeling more confident during the process.

The two class sessions will be held over Zoom. With so many meetings and interviews taking place virtually, hosting the sessions online will give the students experience in Online Meeting Manners and better prepare them professionally for the virtual experience.

One of our recent graduates had a great experience with the Interview Intensive, click here to read her story.

Registration Form available at the bottom of page

Kind Words

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you provided for our kids to gain valuable experience interviewing with “real life” prospective employers. Our son learned so much and came away feeling confident and encouraged by this awesome program. I will continue to spread the word to other friends.

This program is amazing and we are so thrilled that he was a part of it. He will be sending ‘thank-you’ notes to his interviewers in the next few days.

Thank you again for your hard work to make this program a great success!”



2021 Schedule

  • Class One, Thursday, October 28, 7:00-8:00pm, Zoom
  • Class Two, Thursday, November 11, 7:00-8:00pm, Zoom
  • Mock Interviews, will be arranged with volunteer adult interviewers after completion of the two classes.

Registration Form available at the bottom of page

Tuition Information

Tuition for the Interview Intensive covers all costs for the training.

In fairness to students who are placed on the waiting list, there will be no refunds except in the case of extraordinary circumstances, such as moving or illness.

Tuition = $197 paid in full (or two payments of $100 each)