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Custom Corporate and In-House Seminars

Business etiquette is vital to your employees’ professional images. Proper etiquette in today’s business world could mean more business for your company and greater self-assurance for your workers.

Carey Sue can provide educational and entertaining business etiquette programs designed for your business that help your staff and leadership with increased personal and professional social skills.

From how to make a powerful first impression and the art of a handshake to business meeting expertise and business card savvy, these seminars give companies a basic and integral formula for success.


Both young professional and senior management programs are available, covering topics such as:

  • Understanding ‘those guys’ – Etiquette and the Generations

  • Customer Service Training

  • Business Etiquette and Professionalism

  • Networking Strategy

  • Dining Etiquette for Business Lunches and Fundraisers

  • Dining Conversation

  • Powerful First Impressions

  • Updated and Current Electronic Etiquette

  • Social Media Etiquette

  • Professional Dress

  • The Power of the Pen and the Handwritten Note

  • ‘Creating a Great Trade Show Booth Experience’

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