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Student Ambassador Leadership Program

The Student Ambassador program offers students the opportunity to gain experience in leadership, volunteering, event planning, meeting planning, public relations, and collaboration with other teen leaders from various schools.

The application form is available at the bottom of this page.


Applications for the program are due by March 15.

The senior selection committee will meet in April and announcements will be made no later than May 1.

Student Ambassadors for the 2024-2025 Season

Gabrielle Alspaugh, Heritage Hall

Connor Benton, Homeschool

Sophia Rose Blake, Deer Creek

Grace Brown, Edmond Memorial

Owen Brown, Edmond Memorial

Dax Cargill, Homeschool

Sydney D’Angelo, Edmond North

Ty Faulkner, Homeschool

Madeline Glover, Westmoore

Kacelynn Gray, Piedmont

Elliot Greenlaw, Homeschool

Teagan Haley, Southmoore

Elizabeth James, Casady

Katie Johnson, Casady

Mylieh Kay, Choctaw

Hannah Kratz, Piedmont

Noah Ly, Casady

Alston Martin, Weatherford

Mateo Martinez, Deer Creek

Kaylee McKiddie, Choctaw

Abbey Niemann, Edmond Santa Fe

Lauren Potter, Bishop McGuinness

Cash Riley, Crossings Christian School

Kristen Rooney, Oklahoma Christian School

Zinnia Steele, Classen School of Advanced Studies

Olivia Taylor, Crossings Christian School

Denton Thompson, Epic and Classical Conversations

Hazel Thompson, Epic and Classical Conversations

Rileigh Thompson, Deer Creek

Madeline Wagner, Homeschool

Knox Watkins, Heritage Hall

Justin Woolery, Piedmont

Student Ambassador Leadership Program Guidelines


Ambassadors will serve a nine-month term, beginning in July and ending in March. A ‘welcome orientation and meeting’ will take place in the Spring.



  • be a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior in High School for the Fall program sessions. (8th graders may apply in the spring as they will be a freshman for the upcoming fall programs).

  • have successfully completed two years of previous programs, (exceptions are sometimes made for outstanding students who have come into the program late.)

  • have better than average dancing and social skills.

  • have a pleasant and outgoing personality.

  • have a positive attitude

Each Ambassador is expected to:

  • Be a good role model at all times (in person and on social media) to others in: actions, words, deeds, and dress. 

  • Attend 75% of the scheduled Ambassador meetings/activities. Three unexcused absences are grounds for removal from the program. Meetings (outside of program dates) will be tentatively scheduled once a month and shared early in the Spring. Most meetings will take place on Monday evenings at the Vega residence. 


This program is part volunteer, part pay. Student Ambassadors will receive payment for successfully completing their ambassador duties of assisting and working with the 5th-8th grade program events. Ambassadors may choose to wave their payment in lieu of volunteer hours. Volunteer hours will be awarded for other assignments such as welcome notes and welcome phone calls.

Approximate breakdown of Payment and volunteer hours:

  • Working as a classroom assistant, interacting as a role model with the 5th-8th graders during one ‘session’ which will include two classes of either 5th, 6th, or 7/8th graders.  Sessions will be either Sunday afternoon or Monday evening.

  • One session payment will be $30

  • There are Five ‘sessions’ plus one ball for each season/year = $180 for completion of all sessions.

  • If you are absent from a ‘session’ you will not be paid for that session.

  • You may choose to not be paid if you prefer to receive volunteer credit.

  • Ambassador meetings: 10-14 possible volunteer hours

  • Welcome notes and welcome phone calls are opportunities for additional volunteer hours

  • More volunteer hours are available if needed.

  • Verification of volunteer hours will be provided

  • If requested, letters of recommendation to colleges or potential employers will also be available upon successful completion of duties.

Student Ambassador Application

Thanks for applying to be an Ambassador! We'll get back to you soon.

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