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High School

for 9th-12th Grades

Since 2001, we've been teaching Manners and Etiquette, Professional, Social and Soft Skills, with a fresh, fun, exciting, entertaining and modern approach.  Preparing Students for the Professional and Social Seas of life, we include games and dancing in our curriculum to aid in the positive impact of teaching these important life skills.


Bringing all of the skills together learned in previous levels, we will introduce Business Etiquette and Professionalism to prepare students for college, employment and our global society.  New students are welcome to join us as we always ‘review’ all skills during our classes and can easily get new students caught up and participating during their first class. (Previous participation not required.)

Passport Program

This program runs in a mostly condensed schedule during January and February with a few special bonus events in the Fall. Learn more about the outings and events by visiting the detailed schedule.

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Interview Intensive

The Interview Intensive is a fabulous program that helps to prepare 10-12th grade students for the stressful interview process that is fast approaching.  Whether it be for a scholarship, college, or a job; we help to prepare the students so that when they’re placed in a high-stakes interview, they will have real-life experience to draw from, feeling more confident during the process.

The program consists of two in-person class sessions followed by a one-time session of mock interviews with adults from the local business community.

One of our recent graduates had a great experience with the Interview Intensive, click here to read her story.

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Student Ambassador Leadership Program

The Student Ambassador program offers students the opportunity to gain experience in leadership, volunteering, event planning, meeting planning, public relations, and collaboration with other teen leaders from various schools.

To apply to become a Student Ambassador, please complete the application at the bottom of the page. Applications for the program are due by March 15.


The senior selection committee will meet in April and announcements will be made no later than May 1.

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This one session is geared for students who recently graduated high school and are heading off to college and need some professional tools in their collegiate toolbelt to help them tackle their college career with confidence.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The critical components and research behind First Impressions

  • Business Etiquette vs. Social Etiquette

  • Basic information covering Etiquette and the Generations (helps the students to connect the dots and understand why all of this is important to other people!)

  • Professional Dress for college events

  • Communication with professors and other adults; verbal, written and electronic

  • Telephone etiquette and Telephonophobia (you can practice by calling home!)

  • Electronic Etiquette

  • Your Electronic Footprint

  • Social Media do’s and don’ts

  • Roommate Etiquette

  • Tips for Interacting with people you just don’t like

  • How to nip Gossip in the bud

  • The Art of the Handwritten Note and the importance of notes in business

  • Strategic relationship management (aka Networking – it starts now!)

  • Planning ahead for Practicum and Internship success

  • The Strategy of the Business Meal (during fraternity/sorority events, interviews, hosting, or being a guest).  We will work through a 3-course seated and served meal.

  • Just because you ‘can’ doesn’t mean you should: living on your own, self-imposed curfews, and more.

  • The do’s and don’ts of Alcohol

  • Life Skills Primer:  mail, checks, cars, insurance, rent, and other things our parents do for us!

  • And much, much more


Carey Sue has presented similar programs at such schools as The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, The University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University and more. 

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